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Billing and Coding

It’s expertise that makes the difference in the health care management business, with Akkerman HealthCare Management, Inc. (AHCM-Inc) you don’t need to hire specialized billers and coders our professionals speak the language of HIPAA compliance, payer contracting, insurance claim submission and denial resolution.

Akkerman HealthCare Management, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, personalized, cost-effective claims billing and patient accounting services.

A powerful combination of our technology and services such as claims scrubbing and editing, medical billing, payment posting, insurance and patient collections, denial management and appeals, refund processing and charge entry and coding if needed.  AHCM-INC specializes in the things that systems can't handle and practices don't have the time or energy to manage. We go to battle with insurance companies. Our staff takes direct calls from patients with medical billing questions, and manages all claim denials so that physicians don't have to. All of this is to ensure that we maximize reimbursement, decrease denials, and increase profitability for our clients.

Some benefits to consider for outsourcing your medical billing to AHCM-Inc.:

When you outsource your billing needs to AHCM-Inc, you will be gaining an additional caring, dedicated staff without the costs of employee benefits, payroll taxes or overhead. You will save time, have less stress and peace of mind knowing that your practice is collecting as much income as it is generating.

Allowing AHCM-Inc to handle your billing will free up your time to focus on your patients.

When you partner with AHCM-Inc, we make sure charges are captured correctly, and ready for filing to payers. We also reconcile your charges to your appointment schedule to make certain there are no missed charges for any patients seen. Our billing team promptly files the claims to payors for payment, ensures there is sufficient documentation, corrects any rejected claims (if applicable), and reports and documents any claims filing occurrences and trends for continued process improvement.

Upon receipt of remittance advices from payers, payments are posted promptly and accurately to each line item in the patient account. We post every remittance advice and payment against every item billed, to ensure that everything that goes out the door comes back in. We track your fee schedules and check for underpayments from insurance companies to make certain you get what you contracted for.  

Billing and Coding

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Consulting and Management

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. Akkerman HealthCare Management, Inc. works with healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems. Akkerman HealthCare Management, Inc. delivers one of the best-in-class revenue enhancements and is dedicated to performance improvement.

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Education Services

Akkerman HealthCare Management, Inc offers classes in the following areas:

  • CPC
  • CPPM
  • CPB

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